Newsea DreamGlory Retexture


Newsea DreamGlory

Download @ Box

Credits: Newsea, Lilith, Pooklet, Simgaroop, Poppet

Molotov is modeled by LesyaSun‘s Poison Ivy who inspired this retexture. Isn’t she beautiful and so sultry? I saw her and just had to put her in my game. My normal hair model is in the background looking unhappy.

Note: These are in game pics. I am trying to learn how to take better pics but failing! How can I get my sims to look happy and not have a goofy smile on their face? I think I prefer Bodyshop. 

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Hi, just want to clear make sure, do you still use the Sims 2 UC? I recently installed it on my laptop, and I’ve noticed a few things missing. What really bothered me was that my bodyshop crashes every time I click on “build sim”. So basically I have no bodyshop. I was wondering if you had any ideas if you know how I can resolve this? Also, I use windows 10 (#regrets). Thanks so much for taking your time and reading this, very much appreciated! :) And sorry for the long message…

Hi Anon!

I do use UC and all works well after a few tweaks.

First make sure you are using the right Body Shop

“C:Program Files (x86)Origin GamesThe Sims 2 Ultimate CollectionFun with PetsSP9CSBinTS2BodyShop.exe”

Also set it to run in Windows 7 compatibility

If you still cant get it to work. Rename the TS2 game folder in Documents and let it create a new one and see if that works because it could be corrupted content.

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This gallery contains 2 photos.

I finally fired up my game and got to see some of my sims in game. This is the first time I have seen the Feathers skins in game and the new eyes. Now if I could just stay in … Continue reading

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Newsea Passenger Retexture

Newsea Passenger

Download @ Box

Credits: Newsea, Martini, Lilith, Pooklet, Simgaroop, Poppet

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Nightcrawler 12 Retexture

Nightcrawler 12

Download @ Box

Credits: Nightcrawler, Martini, Lilith, Pooklet, Simgaroop, Poppet

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Happy New Year!

I wish you a prosperous and Joyful New Year from a very soggy and flooded suburb in St Louis, Missouri. We are dry but our town not so much. When we moved here last March I made sure we would lived on a hill. I had no idea how much that decision would keep us safe and dry. The waters are slowly receding after historical record floods. So many people have lost so much if you can spare anything please donate to the Red Cross who has been helping all the flood victims and the Humane Society who have been taking care of pets displaced by the flood.

I pray you all are safe, dry and happy.

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Newsea Chain Reaction Retexture


Newsea Chain Reaction

Download @ Box

Credits: Newsea, Martini, Digital Angels, Lilith, Pooklet, Simgaroop, Pooklet

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